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James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry Ririe
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Putting this site together was very fun, and rewarding. I got a chance to relive the rich history of the Ririe families. I would have never known about some of our family's history if I hadn't built this website.

Due to the demands of my business, I won't be doing much additional work on Ririe.org in the near future. If you're a Ririe relative, interested in web development, and are looking for some experience, contact me and I'll put you to work on this site.

I'll continue to maintain the site, add new documents on occasion, and answer email and questions from people interested in Ririe history. However, we won't be adding new features to the site anytime soon.

If you have some additional family history documents or photographs, please continue sending that material. I'm still collecting as much history as I can so we can make sure this information is available for future generations and geneologists. If you have something you'd like to make available to other Riries and historians, contact me and I'll make arrangements to obtain a copy from you.

Thanks for your comments and support.

Steve Jackson

Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic family history web page.  I've been visiting the documents, the pictures, and reading the stories.  I've also been drawing other people's attention to it as an exemple of a family history website

Melbourne, Australia



Thank you so much for this Ririe site! I'm a descendant of James Boyack Ririe, who was James E. and Ann's son. I really appreciate the histories that are printed on this site. I have copied and saved them in my files, as well, so I can pass them on to my children. I love the documents and references on the site, too. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!





I just found your Ririe page. What great work you have done! I am a descendant of James RIRIE, through his son James Boyack RIRIE.

Cindy Irwin
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Hi! I am a great-granddaughter of James Boyack Ririe, and first off i would like to thank you for this awesome site! I've recently gotten into geneology and information on my ancestors is pretty rare. That autobiography on James Ririe is more than i've been able to find on any of my ancestors. So thanks! It's awesome!

Emily Ririe Smith



The website is fantastic! Thanks so much for your hard work!

Spencer Ririe



Wow, I found your site last night and stayed up until 3:15 a.m. reading the history stories!

I am the son of Perry Lovell and the grandson of Velda Anne Perry Lovell. I am doubly related since my GrandFather, John Hyrum Lovell is James E. Ririe's first cousin.

Your web site provided some pictures of my Verna and Velda that I have never seen before, it was great. I also was pleased to see the pictures of Great-Grandma Perry and Leah Ann Lovell Ririe, that I had also not seen.

Dave Lovell



I'm Dave Ririe from Dunstable, England - I'm looking forward to further developments on your website.

Thanks, Dave



This is wonderful! Thank you for this web site.

Liz Robbins


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