ASL Coach - 'American Sign Language'

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ASL, or American Sign Language, uses fingerspelling quite a bit. If you or someone you know is in need of a quick and easy way to learn those first letters and numbers, look no further. 

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App Overview

Whether you're a general or special education teacher, knowing basic signs or fingerspelling is important when working with children with hearing impairments or loss. It is also great to familiarize yourself with signing because it is a great mode of communication for non-verbal students. 

Coach Mode:

  • Scroll through the entire alphabet
  • An image of proper hand position is shown next to each letter
  • Continue on to reveal the first nine numbers
  • Practice along with the app to learn fingerspelling

Alphabet Mode:

  • Type in a two and three letter words
  • Tap Play and choose a spelling speed
  • The display will show how to put letters together to spell your target word


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Instructional Ideas
  • Have young children with hearing impairments use the app to build a sense of letter-to-sound awareness
  • As they use the app, they will see the alphabet letter, the related hand sign, and can even plug into a listening device to hear the sounds
  • Suggest the app to a parent or general education teacher in need of a non-verbal mode of communication
Classroom Considerations

The app is quite limited other than providing a basic introduction to fingerspelling. It would be best used as a reference device for teachers who want to either teach fingerspelling or need to know it in order to communicate with their students. 

  • Shows a clear image of each letter and number
  • Shows how to spell simple words
  • Spelling can be sped up or slowed down
  • Quick way to learn finger spelling which is useful if you are about to get your first student with a hearing impairment
  • Only shows fingerspelling
  • It does not explain more complex signs
  • Can only type in three-letter words prior to a .99 cent upgrade