Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 1: Analyze Graphs and Expressions

Collector: Ann V.
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A series of videos teaches young mathematicians how to analyze graphs and expressions. The presenters stress the importance of a consistent scale and proper labels for the graphs and identify the independent and dependent variables. A second video introduces polynomials and how to use a known procedure to add and subtract the polynomials. Pupils continue to work with graphs that model situations as they analyze different graphs to answer questions about a scenario and find equations of graphs. Scholars also use equations to complete input/output tables to sketch the graph of the equation. With guidance from the videos, pupils review the main properties of equivalence. They take the knowledge from the video and apply the properties to prove to expressions are equivalent. Included in each lesson are worksheets, practice problems, and solutions so that learners can practice their new skills. Finally, pupils work through 12 problems and a performance task to review the topics in Unit 1.

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