Experimental Science Biology Packs

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With the help of the Experimental Science Biology Packs, young scientists can conduct experiments at home that don’t require expensive equipment. To begin the 10-part series, scholars investigate the presence and activity of amylase—an enzyme found in saliva and starts the hydrolyses of starch. The second lesson teaches pupils about kingdom, phylum, class, and order. With various organism samples, pictures, and diagrams, pupils identify the critical characteristics and sort each properly. Next, learners investigate asexual reproduction through vegetative propagation. They observe, draw, and label various plants before cutting and planting them to complete the life cycle. Readings about the causes of soil erosion lead to experiments with slope and plant cover to prevent erosion. Students also investigate the adaptation of various types of flowers for the different types of pollination, dissect flowers to understand the number and type of sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils for different varieties, and study placentation in different kinds of fruits. Finally, scholars create a model of the human respiratory system to demonstrate breathing, answer analysis questions, and graph the changes physical exercise causes in pulse rates. Each pack contains teacher’s notes, student’s instructions, learning outcomes, and suggested assessment questions linked to these outcomes.

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