Experimental Science Physics Packs

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Available for download as pdf files, the 11 Experimental Science Physics Packs in this unit module are designed for high school physics classes. In the first lesson, scholars use plumb lines to determine the center of gravity in irregularly shaped objects. Next, scholars use Snell's Law to locate an image formed in a glass block with a search pin and find the refractive index using the apparent depth method. The fifth lesson teaches scholars to solve for the focal length of a lens using a ray box. In another lesson, scholars build simple pendulums. Through an experiment varying the length of the string, they determine the rate of acceleration due to gravity. The seventh lesson challenges pupils to figure out the center of gravity and then determine the meter rule's weight using the Principle of Moment. By varying the distance to the mass or varying the size of the mass, they confirm Varignon's Theorem. Pupils also use a eureka can or measuring cylinder to determine the density of an irregular solid. They measure the mass and volume to calculate the density through conversion factors correctly. To find the density of three different liquids, scholars first find the mass and volume and then solve relative density. They also find the specific heat capacity of a metal ball using the method of mixtures and, after multiple trials, average the results. The final lesson encourages participants to show the components of white light by using a triangular prism.

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