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James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry Ririe
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With such a rich family history, it’s a big job to archive all the documents that family members have collected over the years. Along with posting this information to Ririe.org, we’d like to create a “Family History CD” for each family member. Not only will the “Family History CD” help us learn about our family’s history, it will also help us preserve that history for future generations.

That’s why we need YOUR help!

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Provide family history items
We’ve already collected tons of family history documents from Riries around the country. However, we’d like to gather everything that is available so that we can all share in our rich family history.

If you’ve got some old photographs, old journals, first-hand histories, or family stories, please contact us so we can copy your material and add it to the Ririe.org archive. Also, if you’d like to write something for our family history archive, we’ll accept that as well!

There is probably more information about our ancestors availble on the Internet. Searching the web and copying this information is time consuming detective work. If you've got some skill in this area, spend an afternoon looking for information about any one of our ancestors. Perhaps you can contact some of their other descendants to see if they have documents, photographs or histories that they would share with us.


Digitize family history documents
We’ve received so many great family history items from various family members that we’re overflowing with documents waiting to be digitzed! It’s great that we have so much history to share, but we can’t share it until we have digital copies to post to Ririe.org and our “Family History CD”.

That’s why we’re looking for volunteers with computers who can type hand written and printed items into digital files like Word or Wordperfect documents. All you need is a computer and some spare time. Please contact us if you can help out with this mountain of work.


Correct inaccurate information
If you see anything missing or incorrect on the Ririe.org site, let us know about it!

Also, we'd like to expand on some of the documents that we have. Many of the histories and stories hosted here on Ririe.org were written decades ago. Sometimes these old documents contain terms or phrases that we're not familiar with (especially all the farm terminoligy). If you know the meaning of a term or phrase in a document on Ririe.org that might be obscure to the younger generations, write up a short definition and send it to us and we'll post it on the site for everyone's benefit.


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