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Letters Home From Training During World War II
By David Ririe

These letters were written by David to various members of the family back in Ririe while he was at Army Air Forces training in Santa Ana, California.

As Clive noted:

The long-hand letters Dave wrote us were stored by mother in the compartment above the bathtub in the Rine home. I remember vividly that Mother felt bad that she was unable to locate them when we vacated that house. Many years later, the present occupants remodeled the bathroom and found this packet of letters safely hidden away where Mother had stored them those many years earlier. Since we were the only family members still living in Jefferson county at the time of this discovery, Maralyn and Rendon delivered them to us.

Click on the links below to view the full sized images of the letters. Some of the files are relatively large, so they may load slowly on dial-up connections.

If you're having trouble reading the scanned images of these letters, let us know and we'll consider including typed copies of the letters also.

March 26, 1943
April 3, 1943
April 5, 1943
April 6, 1943
April 9, 1943
April 17, 1943
April 19, 1943
April 23, 1943
April 26, 1943
May 1, 1943
May 3, 1943
May 18, 1943
May 23, 1943
Postcard from "China City" Los Angeles, California

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