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James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry Ririe
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David Ririe: A Life Sketch
By David Ririe
(From NETWORK, the family newsletter,
volume 1, November 1996)

David Ririe was born in the home of his paternal grandmother of Ririe, Idaho on March 20, 1922, the eldest child of James E. and Verna Perry Ririe. He grew up on the family farms and attended elementary and secondary school in his home town.

His advanced education consisted of two years in the Elementary Education Curriculum at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, followed by attainment of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy at Brigham Young University. His formal education culminated in receiving a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Rutgers University in Soil Science and Plant Physiology.

His university studies were interrupted by World War II. After enlistment in the Army Air Corps, he qualified as a bombardier and was commissioned a second lieutenant. In combat his plane was shot down over Northern Germany and he endured thirteen months as a prisoner of war.

Professionally there have been three periods in his life: First as an assistant professor and sugar beet specialist for the University of California at Davis; Second, as development supervisor and manager of the Church College of New Zealand farm, and Third, as a Farm Advisor and County Director for Agricultural Extension Service in Monterey County for the University of California.

As a consultant in soils, irrigation, and vegetable crop production, he has been employed for short term assignments by Food Machinery International, The United Nations Development Project, and the Stahl family of Mexico. Work on these assignments has been done in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Trinidad-Tobago.

As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints he has served twice on foreign missions: First, as a labor missionary in New Zealand, and Secondly, as a proselyting missionary in Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus. On three occasions he has served as Bishop in Salinas, California and once as a counselor in the Stake Presidency of the Hamilton, New Zealand Stake! He is currently an ordained Patriarch in the Monterey California Stake.

He is married to Ruth Joanne Irwin and they have five children, seventeen grandchildren, and one great grandchild at the present time. David considers his family to be the most important element of his life.

At home in Salinas, California, he spends his time doing Church Work, gardening, playing golf, and corresponding with friends and relatives in many parts of the world. Life has been a great adventure to him, and will be as long as he is able to lift his golf clubs in and out of his pickup, enjoy his associates; grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers; feel good between surgeries; be of use in Church Service; and have his wife and family around him.

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