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Life Stories of Henry Elisha Perry and Elizabeth Zabriskie
By David Ririe

Henry Elisha Perry was born on August 8, 1827 in Essex County, New York to Eunice Wing and Gustavus Adolphus Perry. Henry Elisha was the fifth child and the third son born to the family. Elizabeth Zabriskie was born on 20 August 1828 in Vermillion County, Ohio to Abraham Zabriskie and Susannah Holt. Their first child, Susan Amelia, was born on 3 June 1849 in Pottawattomie County and Eunice Jane was born on 18 November 1854 in Farley, Platte County, Missouri. The rest of their children were born after they emigrated to Utah in 1855 where they settled with other members of the Perry family in Three Mile Creek. Three Mile Creek was later name Perry, Utah in honor of the Perry family. It is located north of Salt Lake city in Boxelder County. One can only imagine the hardships these folks, and especially Elizabeth, the young mother endured during the arduous trip to Utah. They raised eight children on a farm in Perry, Utah. Henry died at Perry on 19 May 1875 at 48 years of age. Elizabeth died on 23 April 1902 at Rockland, Power County, Idaho. Both are buried in the Brigham City, Utah Cemetery.

Material for this brief history was taken from the book, "The Descendants of John Perry of London," which was compiled by Bertram Adams and from the book by George Olin Zabriskie, entitled, "The Zabriskie Family."

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