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Leah Ann Lovell Ririe
By Elizabeth Ririe Hoggan

Leah Ann Lovell Ririe was privileged to live seventy years, nine months and twenty one days on this earth. She was born on November First 1877 in Oak City, Millard County, Utah and died on August 22, 1948, at Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho. She lived longer than any of her brothers or sisters. She came from what the world calls a good family. She, in common with most Utah pioneers, did not have the opportunity for education which her descendants now possess; nevertheless she had a most precious inheritance. She was ambitious and willing to solve her problems by hard work and she always possessed a keen intellect. She had the gift of kindness and consideration for others. She was quiet and of gentle behavior. Her husband, David Ririe, died and left her a widow at the age of forty-two. She had given birth to eight children, one dying in infancy, and at the time of her husband's death, the others were at home. David and Leah were married on the 14th of September 1893. She was young, only sixteen, but he proved to be a wonderful husband and she was a wonderful help to him.

They made their home in Ririe. Members of her son, Parley's family, still live in the home. The older children of her family were born in the log house that used to stand to the east of the present big rock house. Eldon and Sylvia were born in the big house. The log home, however, was one to be proud of. It was one of the first built in the valley with a shingle roof. He was a good provider and a hard worker and she underwent many hardships to be of help to him. He was a man of many responsibilities so it was necessary for her to look after the family, the horses, and keep him posted on developments as they took place. He served as bishop, justice of the peace, water master, and was a stockholder in many of the early enterprising businesses.

Soon after his death a depression came and she tried hard to keep from losing her financial interests in the businesses, but all in vain. Many of the early settlers lost their homes and everything they had, but through her care and wisdom she was able to come out on top.

She was an extraordinary person, wise and beloved, someone to respect and look up to; someone who could, on occasion, and with equal skill, warm the seat of a small boys' pants, bandage an injured finger, or repair a broken bicycle. She cared for three small children while her husband carried the gospel message to Great Britain. Her brother, Ed, farmed the 160 acres and helped her as only a brother could, while her husband was away.

Leann, as she was nicknamed, was a big help in the church and community. She served as president of the Ward Relief Society and primary for many years. She had a quick temper and sometimes lashed out at the boys with a violent lecture, but the results were generally amazing. We all loved her for the good mother that she was. May her memory be a force for good to all who come after is the sincere wish of her family. She died in the hospital in Idaho Falls after a number of years of painful suffering from a broken hip. Her funeral was one long to be remembered as were those of her brothers and sisters. Many relatives and friends came to mourn her loss and many beautiful floral offerings were sent to express sympathy and a multitude of kind thoughts were passed on to those who were bereaved.

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