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The Poetry Corner
By Wayne J Ririe
(From NETWORK, the family newsletter,
volume 2, December 1996)

In the movie “Little Women” when Jo is in New York she quotes a poem while in a room with a German professor. The poem extols the city and demeans the country. The following is my answer:

You can keep your pickled city soaking in it’s brine-
Your teeming crowds fighting for a place.

Your lonely poor, empty-eyed staring at the walk
Screeching brakes, belching pipes, sirens in a race.

Pushes and shoves in crowded spaces; angry faces rushing nowhere,
Seeing visual heavy air.

My eagle flies above clear and clean, open sun glistening on each wing;
Dipping, soaring free of earth restraint.

My mind follows it’s race, gliding, powering away into distant space.

Open freshness scented by God’s own grace; faces beaming with open delight,
Fresh with morning mist and evening respite.

Expanses of meadows, lined fences, graceful trees spilling out life.

Lakes and streams rippling, rushing, resting;
Water cool and gleaming, arms of nature cuddling my soul.

Songs of birds petting my ears.

O how wonderful being alive in the country!

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