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Who Am I
By Wayne J Ririe
(From NETWORK, the family newsletter,
volume 3, October 1997)

You think in your youth that you will soon be free of the reins that tie you to your parents. You will flee away to your perch of independence, rarely glancing back.

One day your glance in the mirror will detect a trace of he or she who was your home. Your face, your talk, your walk will betray your past. Quietly, your conversation will slip out a familiar phrase. You will ponder its source; with a sly smile you will see the face of the one of them move across your mind. Ever etched in your eternal being is their imprint.

When through death's door you pass and again you touch their hand it will be as though you have touched your own.

When you embrace the eternal God you will find the imprint of divine parents pressed into your soul.

This then is who you are. You have met yourself.

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