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David Ririe

David RirieDavid Ririe was born November 21, 1860 in Weber County, Utah to James Ririe and Ann Boyack. He married Leah Ann Lovell on September 14, 1893 in Logan, Utah. They had eight children: David, Joseph Hyrum, Elizabeth Ann, James Edmond, George Franklin, Parley Alexander, Eldon Clyde, and Sylvia Ellen.

David moved to Idaho around 1890. His influence was instrumental in getting the right-of-ways required to build the railroad through his community. To recognize his efforts, the town of Ririe was named in his honor. He served as a bishop, justice of the peace, water-master and was a stockholder in many of the early businesses.

David died on July 3, 1919 and is buried in the Ririe Shelton-Cemetery.

David Ririe Family History

Written about David Ririe:

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Written by David Ririe:

Letters from David Ririe
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David Ririe and Leah Ann Lovell around 1895
David Ririe and Leah Ann Lovell around 1895
The Ririe home that was built in 1906 and still stands today
The Ririe home that was built in 1906 and still stands today


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