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David Ririe

David RirieDavid Ririe was born March 20, 1922 in Ririe, Idaho to James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry. He married Ruth Joanne Irwin of California on September 6, 1946. They had five children: Jim, John, Nancy, Marrianne, and David.

David served in the Army Air Forces during World War II and was a prisoner in a German prison camp for thirteen months. He received his Doctorate from Rutgers University and is a world wide recognized agronomist. He served missions in New Zealand and Egypt.

David and Jody live in Salinas, California.

David Ririe Family History

Written by David Ririe:

Letters Home From Training During World War II
My Personal Remembrances of my Father, James E. Ririe
My Personal Remembrances of my Mother, Verna Perry Ririe
The Beloved Uncles on Father's Side of the Family
My Personal Reflections on the Life of Grandfather David Ririe
The Life of Henry Morgan Perry
David Ririe: A Life Sketch
My Most Memorable Church Meetings
My Personal Remembrances of my Grandmother, Leah Ann Lovell Ririe
Life Stories of Henry Elisha Perry and Elizabeth Zabriskie
My Personal Remembrances of my Grandfather, Henry Morgan Perry
The Life of Fannie Young Perry
Life Story of Martha Webb Campkin Young
An Approach to Conservation
Poetry of the Road

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Max, David, Wayne and Clive on the old dry farm in 2000
Max, David, Wayne, and Clive on the old dry farm in 2000
David and Sarah
David and Sarah at the 2000 reunion


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