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Henry Elisha Perry

Henry Elisha Perry was born August 24, 1827 in Lewis, New York to Gustavus Adolphus Perry and Eunice Wing. He married Elizabeth Zabriskie. They had eight children: Susan Amelia, Eunice Jane, Henry Morgan, Rosalie Elvira, Hyrum Elisha, Margaret Melvina, Heber William, and Lucy Elizabeth.

Henry died on May 19, 1875 and is buried in Brigham City, Utah.

We don't have much information about Henry and his wife Elizabeth. If you have any additional information such as their marriage date, marriage location, or photographs of their family, please let us know.

Henry Elisha Perry Family History

Written about Henry Elisha Perry:

Life Stories of Henry Elisha Perry and Elizabeth Zabriskie by David Ririe
The Mysterious Stranger - How the Perrys Joined the Church by Clare O'Kelly

Have something else written by or about Henry Elisha Perry? Let us know about it, and share it with the family!

Henry's daughters Eunice, Rosalie and Melvina around 1940
Henry's daughters Eunice, Rosalie and Melvina around 1940


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