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James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry Ririe
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James Ririe

James RirieJames Ririe was born January 24, 1827 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland to David Ririe and Isabelle Shirris. He married Ann Boyack on November 23, 1855 in Springville, Utah. They had twelve children: Margaret Ann, James Boyack, David, William, Alexander, Elizabeth, George, Isabelle, Mary, Joseph, Hyrum, and Agnes.

James' father died when he was 3 and his mother died when he was 18. Shortly after her death, James was baptized in Edinburgh, and served as a missionary all over Scotland. He left Scotland in February 1853 and arrived in Utah September 1853 as part of the Jacob Gates Oxteam Company. He moved to Ogden in 1859, then West Weber and finally Eden.

James Ririe died on June 17, 1905 and is buried in Ogden, Utah.

James Ririe Family History

Written about James Ririe:

1880 Census Records by Steven Jackson
James Ririe's Certificate of Citizenship by Steven Jackson
Short History of James Ririe and Ann Boyack Ririe by Isabell Ririe Stallings

Written by James Ririe:

Autobiography of James Ririe - Part 1
Autobiography of James Ririe - Part 2
James Ririe's Experience with Polygamy

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"Walkend", the home in Scotland where James Ririe was born
"Walkend", the home in Scotland where James Ririe was born
The James Ririe family around 1864
The James Ririe family around 1864


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