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Wayne J Ririe

Wayne J RirieWayne J Ririe was born August 1, 1933 in Ririe, Idaho to James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry. He married Barbara Cook of Rigby, Idaho November 3, 1955. They had six children: Delbert, David, Steven, Stephanie, Randy Allen, and Laura.

Wayne grew up in Idaho and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada shortly after marrying Barbara. He served a mission in the West Central States. He was an entrepreneur and investor and ended his working career as a succesful insurance agent.

Wayne died on October 17, 2003 and is buried in the Centerville City Cemetery.

Wayne J Ririe Family History

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Wayne around 1939
Wayne around 1939
Wayne telling stories
Wayne telling stories to a group of Riries at the Great Feeder Headgate


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