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Mini-Reunion Picnic 2004 Photo Album

In September 2004, Kathy Osborn organized a little mini-reunion for the Ririe family in the Salt Lake City and Utah Valley areas. About thirty family members were able to make it and everyone had a great time at the Saturday afternoon picnic.

Sarah, Brent, Carma and Tracy Harmonie (Ethan's fiancee), Kathy and Caroline Kathy and Todd's daughter Caroline David Nielson's wife Laura, and Caroline holding her new granddaughter Meredith Carma and Roger
Megan Ririe and Melissa Osborn Melanie Ririe Caroline, Laura, David, Kathy and Elaine Brook, Ethan, Harmonie, and Adam playing duck-duck-goose The pavillion at the park in Pleasant Grove was a perfect venue for this little party
The full group of Ririe's at the picnic Sam, Katrina, Amber, Brook, and Laura with Meredith David Tanner, Kirk, Stephanie and Barbara Josh showing his "cute face" with his mom Katrina Enjoying barbeque and family entertainment


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