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2000 Ririe Family Reunion
By Elaine Jackson

Elaine, Wayne, Carma, Clive, Max and DavidMax and MarDean hosted the 2000 Ririe family reunion at the Girl's Camp north of Swan Valley, Idaho. It was a "something for everyone" affair with the slide, hiking, golfing, visiting, and great food. Richard Moncur, Wayne's partner in trouble-making, served a delicious dutch oven dinner one night. We had to abort the traditional wiener roast due to fire hazards, but enjoyed plenty of other treats.

Riries enjoying Moncur's dutch oven cooking.Along with the traditional golfing tournament we had two other fun activities. Katrina put together a hilarious skit night and Stephanie led the whole crew in contra dancing.

We were surprised by a new and unexpected guest throughout the reunion. A friendly moose was seen hanging around by the swings and travelling past the kitchen on a regular basis. Our friendly moose visitor.During the day he occupied himself with scaring the small children who were trying to play in the stream, and by night he kept busy scaring the teenagers who were trying to escape from the adults by hanging around the swings.

A group of Riries enjoying some conversation on the front porch.As usual, the Wayne Ririe cousins entertained with stories of their true life adventures (check out the "secret" audio here), Arn worked tirelessy in the kitchen, and Karen supplied her fabulous cinnamon rolls for breakfast. David, Max, Clive, Wayne, Rob, Andrew, Spencer, Steven J, and Catherine went on a cross-country tour of the old dry farm country. The video is on the website and is truly priceless! Thank you Max and MarDean for all your work! It was great being together!

Max, David, Wayne and Clive on the old dry farm.Look at the great pictures from the 2000 reunion in the photo album, and as I mentioned above, don't miss the "secret" audio and this priceless video.


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