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2000 Reunion

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2002 Clive Ririe Memorial Fishing Trip
By Steven Jackson

Steven, Julie, Phillip, Michael, JerrickThe inaugural Clive Ririe Memorial Fishing Trip was definitely an adventure to remember. With such a fun-filled reunion schedule, the only time we could find for our fishing expedition was midnight on our last night in Island Park. So Jerrick Robbins, Phillip and Michael Kinghorn, Julie Ririe, and I loaded up our gear and headed down the road to the Henry’s Fork.

After having seen several choice fishing spots while rafting down the river the day before, we followed the dirt road behind Mack’s Inn in search of a path down to the water. We took a left, then a right, and then another left, thinking that the river must be nearby. Unfortunately we had traveled in a circle and were once again on the main road. So, we tried again. And then we tried again. Each time we were sure we were heading towards the river, but each time we ended up back where we started.

Julie and PhillipUndeterred, we returned to a spot where we knew we could locate the river: the bridge on the highway. We pulled to the side of the road and began to tie lures on our rods. When I say “we”, I mean that Julie tied on lures while one of us held the flashlight.

Once we prepared the equipment, we ignored the posted sign and proceeded to fish off the highway bridge. After a few nibbles (probably the lures getting caught on rocks) and 20 minutes of standing around in 40 degree weather, we called it a night and headed back to the Sawtelle Mountain Resort.

The goal for the next reunion is to catch at least one fish!


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