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2002 David Ririe Golf Tournament
By Steven Jackson

John, David, David and Jim take a break during the tournament.The 2002 David Ririe Golf Tournament was held at the Island Park Village Golf Course across the street from our Reunion at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort. Sixteen players played the 2668 yard, 9-hole course in the afternoon of the second day of the reunion.

Although the competition was fierce and the weather was warm, everyone had a great time playing together on such a beautiful course. Jim Ririe displayed his dominance on the links with an impressive 40, upsetting perennial champion Dean Ririe. Bubba Jackson turned in a much improved 46 for second place after having played golf for the very first time at the 2000 family reunion.

David, Bubba, and Rob had the tournaments only birdies, each shooting a 3 on the first hole. I personally took home the award for “Most Shots on a Par 3 Hole” with an 11 on number 8.

Bubba, Matt and Michael Kinghorn on the golf cart.

David and DJ collect scores from the groups.

The Scoreboard:

Jim Ririe   40
Bubba Jackson   46
Matt Pickard   50
Mark Fillmore   53
Dean Ririe   54
Rob Robbins   55
David Ririe   56
John Ririe   58
Jared Fillmore   58
Ken Kinghorn   59
David Carlson   59
David Charles Ririe   59
Matt Winkelkotter   60
Arlo Fillmore   65
Steve Jackson   70
DJ Simkins   84


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