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2000 Reunion

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2002 Ririe Family Reunion
By Elaine Jackson

Cousins Emily, Sarah, and Ciara meet for the first time and become instant friends!The 2002 version of the James E. and Verna Ririe family reunion was held in Island Park, Idaho. We convened the night before In Ririe for a light dinner (potatoes of course!), a walking tour of the town named after our grandfather and displays of family memorabilia and pictures. The next day we met at the motel in Island Park.

Liz and Beth enjoy some conversation outside at Sawtelle Mountain Resort.Activities during the two days included plenty of food a river rafting trip in an unseasonably low river, the traditional skit night, a bagpipe concert, and for the first time ever, the Max Ririe invention contest. We proved how clever and creative we are by coming up with great ideas such as a high chair that converts into a shower so you can easily clean the baby up after each meal and shoes that could be located by a beeping sound. The children enjoyed swimming and a special piñata activity. Each evening we held a family devotional and prayer followed by a bedtime snack.

Mike and Heather look over the family history table.Several families displayed posters showing their personalities and families at home. Kathy also prepared a great tribute to her dad, Jim and Becky did the same for her dad, Clive. The displays were awesome!

The food was great! The company was terrific! The location was beautiful! What more could you ask for?

Wayne, Matt and Nancy float relaxingly float down the river.

Special thanks to MaryJane, Kathy, Ellen, Jennifer, Julie and any others I might have missed who came with their children and no husbands. You have earned my admiration!

Check out the complete photo album from the 2002 reunion, a report on the golf tournament and the story of the first "Clive Ririe Memorial Fishing Trip" that almost didn't happen.


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