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James Edmond Ririe and Verna Fannie Perry Ririe
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Preserving our rich family history is a big job and we need YOUR help!

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Ririe.org Discussion Forums

One of the key features of Ririe.org is our online discussion Forums. In the forums, you can keep in touch with your fellow Riries and keep us informed about what’s going on in your own family.

To access the forums, click here and register by clicking the “Register” button. Only registered users can view the forums. Registration will be restricted to family members.

If you need some help getting started, contact us and we’ll do everything I can to help you get started.

Email @ Ririe.org

Along with the website, we’re offering email addresses (yourname@ririe.org) to anyone who is interested. The email system has a web-based interface (like Yahoo or Hotmail), and can simultaneously be used with a POP3 or IMAP client (like Outlook or Eudora). If you’d like a Ririe.org email address, just ask and we'll get it setup for you ASAP!



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